A Thanksgiving Pregame at Whole Foods Market

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving dinner (or any dinner, for that matter) is the tempting aroma that fills up and warms my home throughout the cooking and preparation process. Last Thursday I attended the Taste of Whole Foods Market event and wow – the second I walked into the venue I was hit with that warm, friendly, pre-Thanksgiving dinner aroma. The influencer event showcased some of Whole Foods Market’s best holiday dishes, desserts, and drinks, all of which can be shopped online here. Though my first reaction was to immediately hit up the dessert table (because you all know me), I decided to tour the event in the proper dining order.

My first stop was the cheese and charcuterie table where I enjoyed robusto – my new favorite cheese – and clothbound cheddar. I spoke for quite some time with the ‘cheese experts’ (yes that is a thing and yes I am jealous) about the origin of the cheese, the production process, and appropriate food and drink pairings.

I then traveled to the formal course – a delicious and fresh Thanksgiving spread of maple roasted brussel sprouts, mustard glazed cauliflower, stuffing, sauerkraut roasted carrots, and more, all of which are vegan. The showcased entrees were unique and innovative blends of common ingredients. Whole Foods Market did a great job flaring up the ‘expected’ Thanksgiving dinner themes. If you are hoping to do the same with your meal, be sure to visit their dining inspirations site.

And now the best for last – dessert! The dessert table was layered with pecan pies, lattice style cherry pies, kayak cookies, raspberry swirl cheesecake, roasted nuts, cake pops, and more.

Heaven? Yes.

As if I wasn’t content enough after filling up on cherry pie, Whole Foods Market encouraged me to shop in the mock store aisle that was set up in the corner of the event space. I definitely took advantage of that and filled up my goodie/take home bag with some indulgent food products (pasta, brownies, truffles, cookies) and also some practical home goods items (peppermint hand soap, hand cream, and more). My roommates were quite thankful when I got home that night!

All in all, this event was one of the best Thanksgiving dinner pregame’s I’ve ever had (and nothing against my many friendsgivings…..). All of the food items mentioned above are now available for purchase online so you can cook and create for your family and friends with the best and most fresh ingredients this Thanksgiving holiday. 

For Thanksgiving meal inspirations, click here. To shop Whole Foods Market food products, click here.

Note:  I received compensation from Whole Foods Market in exchange for writing this review. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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