Your Fried Fantasy: The Big E Fair

Welcome to your fried fantasy.

I went to The Big E last year with my parents and was SO excited to be back again this year. If you’ve never been, I’d highly recommend it.

Why? It’s a foodie playground.

Having attended three times in total now (twice with my parents), I think I’ve developed a good strategy. Here are the DiCapua family pro-tips for attending The Big E Fair.

  1. Nibble on and take at least one bite of EVERYTHING. You don’t want any food regrets…
  2. Take frequent eating breaks. It’s always fun checking out the farm animals and carved butter sculptures or venturing down the McDonald’s giant slide.
  3. The Fair can get VERY busy. Every year, we get there right away when it opens at 8am. Yes, that means we are eating fried food before noon (because everything at The Big E is fried), but it’s worth it. No lines and no major crowds = bliss.

This year, we came with a mission to eat everything. We started out at The Big E Bakery where they crank out thousands of their super famous chocolate eclairs and cream puffs. The cream puffs are my absolute WEAKNESS (in fact, my mouth is watering now as I write this). They are what The Big E is best known for and we had three before 9am. It was the best decision ever. #NoRegrets

We didn’t stop there, either. We tore up the food stands and between Pretzel-Wrapped Bavarian Brats on a Stick, to Cheeseburger Chowder and Deep Fried Pineapple Upside-Down Cake on a Stick (oh, and fried Snickers bars) we surely did some delicious damage.

What’s also cool and super unique about The Big E fair are the New England State Houses. Each building is an exact replica of the original and is filled with food and souvenirs local to that state. My all-time favorite, and I think the favorite of most visitors, is the Maine Baked Potato in the Maine Building. For $6 (cash only) you get a massive Maine potato packed with butter, bacon bits, cheese and chives. The line is always super long, but it goes VERY quickly.

As mentioned above, there are tons of other attractions at the fair, too (it’s not ALL eating). You can hang with farm animals or watch them compete, shop, play fair games and experience their full functioning theme park.

The Big E takes place in West Springfield, Massachusetts and is happening now through September 29. Click here for more details. 

It’s time to live out your fried fantasy.