I started the @BOSTONFOODJOURNAL in 2015. With a degree in biomedical engineering and a background in technology project management, I wanted to create a platform that combined my skills and experience in technology with my long-time love of food. 

When I say long-time love, I mean it. I grew up in a home where

“being full and eating have nothing in common”.

That is a direct quote from my dad. Growing up, eating was always a symbol of love, family and togetherness. Gathering together around the dinner table or going out to a new restaurant on a Friday night was (and still is) my family’s passion. My mom is a wonderful cook as well, and my parents taught my sister and I the value and deeper meaning of dinnertime.

When I moved to Boston in 2014, I was overwhelmed and excited by the dining scene. I was so amped about it, I decided to start the Boston Food journal (and on a whim…it was an idea that came to me and within five minutes I did it). When I started the Instagram account, I had zero expectations; I just wanted a place to share my awesome food with friends and family.

But over time, the Boston Food Journal grew into a fully functioning business. Building it to what it is today was not easy (and still presents its fair share of sacrifice and difficulty), but I’m so proud of the authentic community I’ve created. Food is still very much the driver behind the Boston Food Journal, but through my journey I’ve also really enjoyed becoming a creative entrepreneur.

The Boston Food Journal is now an influential platform that supports local and regional restaurants, businesses and brands. I’ve been fortunate enough to partner with numerous globally recognized brands as well.